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Psychoderelict is the fourth solo studio album of original material by British musician Pete Townshend, originally released in June 1993 via Atlantic Records.

Probably the most complex of the Townshend solo albums, Psychoderelict is a multi-layered concept album which also kick-started Townshend’s first solo tour.

Harking back to his aborted Lifehouse project the album includes music written during that period and spans a gap between Lifehouse and The Who’s 2006 comeback album Endless Wire.

The album is structured more like a radio play than the more "traditional" rock operas Townshend had recorded with The Who (Tommy, Quadrophenia and the unreleased Lifehouse album).

The album was premiered to an invited audience at the Crystal Room at The Mayfair Hotel in London where Townshend performed a selection of the music with actors providing the dialogue. This format would form the basis of the later tour where actors would play alongside the live band.

The album was released in two formats; one with the full dialogue and the other as a music only release. The opening track, the anthemic “English Boy”, was released as a single from the album.

Check out the tracks:   English Boy”; “English Boy”; “I Want That Thing”; “Flame”; “I Am Afraid”; and “Fake It”.

This limited edition double album 2LP record set is on 180 gram orange coloured vinyl with printed inner sleeves and remastered audio, pressed in Europe via UMC.


Reissue Notes:

  • First ever release on vinyl – double LP includes full dialogue and original music
  • A multi-layered concept album from 1993, includes the anthemic single “English Boy”
  • Limited edition heavyweight 180 gram orange-coloured vinyl
  • Remastered at Abbey Road with half-speed mastering process

Psychoderelict Synopsis:

The album's central character is Ray High (real name Raymond Highsmith), a 1960s rock star who has dwindled and turned into an alcoholic recluse. Ray's manager, Rastus Knight, worried at the rocker's dwindling bank account, attempts unsuccessfully to talk him into recording new material. Rastus complains about it to radio pop-music reporter Ruth Streeting, an outspoken critic of Ray's. Ruth says she has an idea to "fire him up" and Rastus offers her a cut off the profits if she can do it.

Ruth sends Ray a letter posing as a 15-year-old girl named Rosalyn Nathan, who dreams of being a star. She includes in her letter an erotic Polaroid of herself lying naked on her mother's grave when she was 12. Ray responds to her immediately, calling the photograph "stunning" and telling her that they both "share complicated problems." He offers to help her if she will keep it a secret. He and "Rosalyn" exchange several letters, where Ray opens his heart about his insecurity, his life's past tragedies, and his insights into the relationships between the performers, the public, and the press. He sends her a tape of "Flame", a song he wrote for his secret "Gridlife" project. In his last letter he talks about Ruth Streeting, calling her "symbolic of the entire establishment" and saying "her disgust is the greatest motivator of the artist in me." He confesses that he has fallen in love with her. Ruth, now sleeping with Rastus, laughs about it while being spanked.

Ruth publishes the photograph in her "porno pen-pal story," calling Ray a slime ball who took advantage of a young fan's innocence to solicit the photograph and "test out his weird theories." The resulting controversy drives the re-release of Ray's records to huge sales. Rastus is delighted. "Rosalyn's" version of "Flame", off of her new Ruth Streeting-produced album, becomes a huge hit. Ruth promotes Rosalyn as a "brilliant songwriter" while keeping the real writer of the song a secret, even from Rastus.

Ruth receives her cut of the profits, and Rastus is on seventh heaven, once again rolling in money. Ray, upset about Ruth's expose, confronts them both. Ruth accuses Ray of "manipulating" Rosalyn. Rastus says it all worked out for the best, they're back in calculator country. Ray insists that he was helping Rosalyn deal with a problem. Ruth insists Rosalyn never had a problem and all Ray did was "help her become a fucking star."

In a meeting with Ruth at a bar, Raymond springs the surprise that he has known all along that Ruth and Rosalyn are one and the same. It is heavily implied that Ruth fakes being attracted to Ray so that she can manoeuvre him into writing new material. Ruth, littering her language with endearments, is now producing "Gridlife" album, which contains a sample of the Who's famous "Baba O'Riley."

At the end of the play, Ray says that "Gridlife" was a vision, not a fiction, and that the apocalypse it foresaw is near. He wonders what happened to peace, love, and "all that hippie shit."








English Boy



Meher Baba M3



Let's Get Pretentious



Meher Baba (Signal Box)



Early Morning Dreams



I Want That Thing



Dialogue Introduction To "Outlive The Dinosaur"



Outlive The Dinosaur



Flame (Demo)



Now And Then



I Am Afraid



Don't Try To Make Me Real



Dialogue Introduction To "Predictable"









Meher Baba M5 (Vivaldi)



Fake It



Dialogue Introduction To "Now And Then"



Now And Then (Reprise)



Baba O'Riley (Demo)



English Boy (Reprise)


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